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Many patients turn to us for braces in Hollywood, CA. Orthodontic treatment requires movement of teeth into desired position. Our goal is always to achieve stability. With straighter teeth and careful planning, orthodontics can help protect teeth to last longer and create beautiful smiles!

How can we move teeth? Our orthodontist will determine the most effective treatment option for optimal results.


Invisalign® is a popular option for all ages because they are less noticeable! This is a customized teeth straightening solution that involves wearing clear aligner trays for a set period of time. These trays are digitally made from impressions taken of the upper and lower arch. With gentle pressure, teeth straighten as they slowly shift into their new position.

  • no metal, no wires
  • transparent trays, less noticeable
  • must wear trays at least 22 hours per day
  • easy to remove while eating, flossing, and brushing

traditional braces

Not all patients are candidates for Invisalign® orthodontics. Traditional braces can be more effective with correcting crooked and misaligned teeth. This involves metal or clear brackets using wires to shift teeth into proper position. It may not be the first choice to wear braces, but remember, it is only temporary! And the outcome will make it all worthwhile!

Benefits of Orthodontics

  • helps correct crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite and underbite
  • straightens teeth
  • helps prevent tooth decay, gum disease, tooth fractures, tooth loss
  • can improve TMJ issues
  • conservative dentistry, preserving natural tooth structure

life is better with teeth

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