maintain optimal oral health with our general dentistry procedures

Our doctor performs a wide range of general dentistry procedures to help our patients maintain optimal oral health. It first starts with a Comprehensive Oral Exam to gather as much information as possible to understand what the dental needs are to improve your dental health.”

periodontal cleaning

Based on periodontal health diagnosis, the appropriate periodontal cleaning will be performed to maintain healthy gingiva and bone.

composite filling restorations

Small tooth cavities need to be removed and filled with tooth-colored filling material to help prevent larger cavities.

root canal treatment

When a tooth is diagnosed with an infection, often times a root canal procedure is performed to remove the source of infection. It involves thoroughly cleaning the canals of the roots and sealing them. This treatment preserves the tooth in the mouth so it can continue to function.

tooth extraction

If your teeth have become damaged beyond repair or are causing problems in the mouth, turn to our doctor for simple or surgical tooth extractions. We do everything we can to make these procedures as painless as possible.

invisalign treatment

Teeth straightening treatment for esthetics and better function

occlusal equilibration

When the bite does not close evenly and causes unwanted pressure points that lead to wear and fractures, a careful analysis is performed to improve even distribution of biting forces. This maximizes the use of all your teeth and helps reduce unwanted fractures and wear.

occlusal guard/ night guard

Do you clench and grind your teeth? These patterns are recognizable in your mouth. A Comprehensive Oral Exam will help discover if an appliance will be helpful to protect your teeth and relax muscles that activate clenching and grinding.

veneers/ crowns/bridges

Do you have discolored, broken or missing teeth? What about teeth with very large fillings? Veneers, crowns, and bridges are permanent options that can restore teeth to function and esthetics. Our doctor will examine and recommend the best option that will provide a lasting outcome.

dental implants

It is important to know that missing teeth cause long term problems in the mouth. Dental implant placement is a favorable treatment option for missing teeth to prevent negative consequences of shifting teeth that alter the bite. A dental implant is surgically placed into the jaw bone. The implant fixture then integrates into the bone over a period of time and is ready to be restored with a tooth-like crown.

teeth whitening

We have in-office and take-home options for Whitening systems. Consult with our doctor to know what will work for you.


Dentures are removable prosthetics that replace multiple missing teeth. Impressions of the upper and lower jaw are taken to customize the fit so that speech and esthetics are maintained.

Tips for Choosing a General Dentist

  • Conduct your research
  • Inquire about services provided
  • Determine the type of technology utilized
  • Learn about scheduling, insurance acceptance and payment options
  • Schedule a new patient consultation

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