about dr. chung

Hi, I am excited to be your dentist. When I first graduated from dental school I had no idea how to begin my career. I spent four years studying and practicing on patients under supervision, then suddenly got thrown into the real world treating patients on my own.

I landed my first associateship in Brooklyn, New York. Greenpoint, to be exact. At the time it was predominantly a Polish neighborhood that soon changed into a healthy mix of hipsters, professionals and young families. It was fun to interact with patients from all walks of life and different backgrounds.

Quickly I learned that dentistry is complex. It is layered. Simply doing what I was taught in dental school was not enough. I discovered that there are multiple factors involved in achieving optimal oral health. The most important factor is the host--that is you. This realization inspired me to dig deeper into dentistry. I took it upon myself to explore lectures, advanced workshops, and topic-focused study programs to nurture my desire to learn. This was the only way I felt qualified to serve my patients, providing them with comprehensive care.

Five years later, after deliberate exploration, I was ready to start my own practice. I wanted a space where I am able to execute my philosophy. I felt confident that I can apply my higher learning to patient care. So, in June of 2013, I left New York and headed back home to Los Angeles.

Now here I am, on Hollywood Boulevard. I chose this location because it is up and coming. A lot like Greenpoint when I first started. I wanted to recapture the pedestrian feel of a bustling city. I envision my practice growing with this part of the city and gaining trust from patients in my efforts to give my best.

My philosophy? Is to understand the birds-eye-view of oral health by keeping in mind the broader view of overall health.

Dr. Chung's Education

  • Spear Education 2013 – current: Faculty Club Member
  • Columbia University,  College of Dental Medicine 2009: Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program–Dental Residency
  • Boston University,  School of Dental Medicine 2008: Doctorate Degree in Dental Medicine
  • University of California, Irvine 2001: Bachelor of Science Degree