what is CEREC®?

CEREC is an advanced technological system that digitally fabricates beautiful quality crowns in our office. It starts with using an intra-oral camera to digitally scan images in your mouth. The CEREC software then gathers all the data and precise measurements to mill an accurate tooth-colored crown to fit! All of this can be done in ONE visit to save time and avoid the hassle of returning for a second appointment.

Birdseye Dentistry values our patients time and CEREC is one example of how we do our best to make dentistry convenient for you!

Benefits of CEREC®?

  • Metal-free crowns/restorations
  • No temporaries
  • Esthetic: Custom shaped to match color and function of natural teeth
  • Accurate fit with digital technology
  • High-strength ceramic/porcelain that is close in composition to natural teeth
  • Economical: Saves you from multiple visits

life is better with teeth

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