advanced implant dentistry procedures from an experienced dentist

It is important to know that missing teeth cause long term problems in the mouth. Dental implants are favorable treatment options for missing teeth to prevent negative consequences.

problems caused by missing teeth

  • unwanted shifting of surrounding teeth
  • changes to the bite that can cause tooth fractures
  • unstable bite that can damage temporal mandibular joint (TMJ)
  • bone loss–thinning and shrinking of the jaw bone at the site
  • discomfort with chewing

Four key parts

  • 1. dental implant fixture–titanium base that integrates in to the jaw bone
  • 2. dental abutment–a fixture that connects the dental implant to the dental crown
  • 3. dental crown–a crown that connects directly over the abutment
  • 4. adequate bone–there must be adequate thickness and height of bone surrounding an implant for long term success

life is better with teeth

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benefits of dental implants

The key benefits of dental implants in Los Angeles, CA, include:

  • preserves and stimulates bone
  • restores spaces and gaps
  • restores ability to eat and speak properly
  • permanent fixture–no hassle with loose and removable pieces
  • prevents rapid unwanted shifting of surrounding teeth
  • improves esthetics
  • conservative treatment–does not compromise adjacent teeth

optimize results with advanced technology

At Birdseye Dentistry, we value thorough treatment planning.  Proper treatment planning  leads to long term success for dental implant restorations.  In most cases we require a CT scan of the oral cavity that will provide detailed information of the area of the jaw. We want the best results with dental implant surgery, so we apply advanced treatment procedures to maximize the patient’s healing response using the following:

  • centrifuge–drawn blood gets spun to extract the patient’s own growth factors and stem cells to incorporate into the surgical site. This promotes faster healing and immediate signaling of bone growth/stimulation.
  • piezo scaler system–conservative manipulation of hard tissue that decreases trauma and preserves healthy bone.
  • digital impression scanner–digitally captures image of placed implant and generates a custom abutment and custom crown with accuracy.